FIRE, EXPLOSION AND PROCESS SOLUTIONS.  Fike is a globally recognized supplier of products and services that protect people and critical assets from dangers such as fire, explosion and over-pressurization. With over 60 years experience manufacturing products ranging from rupture discs and explosion protection systems, to fire suppression and fire alarm systems, Fike offers reliable solutions for customers around the world. Fike's goal today is the same as it was in 1945 -- deliver exceptionally reliable safety products that exceed customer expectations. There really is a difference when you choose Fike.


Did you know...

Fike Corporation was founded in 1945 and the headquarters of the corporation is located in Blue Springs, Missouri, USA. Fike employs 350 people in the USA, with over 700 employees world-wide. Our product lines primarily consist of commercial and industrial fire protection systems, fire detection products, explosion protection, pressure relief solutions and oil field products. Fike has a distinguished history of innovative solutions, which has propelled us into a market leader position in most of these market segments within the USA.


  • Signifire Video Smoke Detection Systems obtains UL Listing


  • Launch of the Explosion Isolation Pinch Valve (EIPV), designed to provide an economical way to prevent deflagration propagation.
  • Acquisition of axonX and the addition of the SigniFire Video Smoke Detection Technology to the Fike Alarm Systems product offering.
  • Acquisition of Red Dot Technologies Ltd.(Rafiki Protection Ltd. and Santana Solutions Ltd.), and establishment of Fike Safety Technology Ltd in the United Kingdom.
  • CyberCat Control Systems receives City of Chicago Approval
  • Foundation of Fike Middle East in Bahrain
  • US patents granted for:
    • Shear Disc Assembly (ZIA)
    • Reclosing Explosion Vent (Flex-V™)
    • Seal for sanitary Explosion Vent (Sani-V®)
    • Reverse acting rupture disc with electropolished line of weakness (Axius®)
    • Spring steel reclosing explosion vent (Flex-V™)


  • US and foreign patents granted on Sani-V® unitary explosion vent.
  • Launch of the Flex-V™, a unique, high-performance, re-closable explosion vent that returns to its original position at the end of the venting process, re-covering about 90% of the vent relief area (US and foreign patents pending).


  • ECARO-25® and Cheetah Xi® fire suppression systems selected to protect the Philadelphia Museum of Art
  • Launch of the Axius SC® rupture disc, specifically designed for the stringent sanitary and aseptic requirements of the Biotech and Pharmaceutical industries
  • Launch of CyberCat® 50 Fire Alarm and Cheetah Xi Detection & Control Panels
  • Fike Fire Alarm panels gain listing in MASTERSPEC
  • Introduction of ProInert® to the UL/FM markets.


  • Fike launches Digital Linear Heat Detection (LHD), a versatile and economical fire detection product, well-suited for a variety of fire hazard applications.
  • Specifically designed for small space fire protection and in-cabinet fire suppression, Fike launches Fireraser®, an economical, pre-engineered, all-in-one clean agent fire protection system.
  • After launching the unique Fireraser system into the UL/FM markets, Fike expanded its coverage by releasing the system to the European markets.
  • Cheetah Xi, Fike's intelligent peer-to-peer, bi-directional fire suppression system, is named a Silver Product of the Year award winner by Consulting Specifying Engineer.


  • Fike celebrates its 60th Anniversary in business.
  • Fike launches the new Hammer Union rupture disc holder, or Wing Nut Union, ideal for Oilfield applications.
  • Introduction of the Fike Lo-V®, a bi-directional rupture disc that is designed to relieve undesired pressure conditions in two different directions.
  • Expansion into the USA of Fike Europe's line of vents designed specifically for High Intensity Explosion Conditions.
  • Fike releases the Cheetah Xi Intelligent Fire Suppression System, Fike's revolutionary advancement in safety and fire protection,designed to respond in as little as one quarter second!
  • Fike receives the Material & Equimpment Acceptance (MEA) approval from the New York City Department of Buildings for its ECARO-25 Clean Agent Fire Protection system.
  • Fike Obtains CSIRO (Australian) approval for its HFC-227ea clean agent fire suppression system.
  • Fike introduces Ceramic Explosion Pressure Detector technology.
  • Fike Europe introduces FlamQuench II™ SQ, a flamefilter for installation on rectangular explosion vent panels
  • Fike Explosion Protection Systems were ranked #1 in the Chemical Processing magazine Reader's Choice Awards, receiving 5 times the vote as the closest competition. Results were released in the August, 2005 issue.
  • Fike releases the low pressure, high performance Axius rupture disc. Designed to be used in aggressive chemical and pharmaceutical applications, the Axius rupture disc is available in corrosion-resistant materials and has the tightest tolerances available.


  • Fike releases EPACO®, a sophisticated explosion detection and control system.
  • Fike launches the new CyberCat fire alarm panel -- a digital, peer-to-peer, bi-directional communication system.
  • Fike Corporation announces the successful completion of the LPCB approval (Cert. No. 654a and 654b) for its innovative ProInert® Fire Extinguishing System.


  • Fike Canada receives its ISO 9001-2000 certification
  • Fike extends ECARO-25 to the U.S. market
  • Fike introduces PROINERT inert gas system to the European market
  • Fike introduces ValveGuard™ PRV isolation system
  • Fike introduces the latest technology in voice evacuation, fire control panels, FikeGuard®
  • Fike is the first Explosion Protection company to receive ATEX Certification of its explosion vents
  • Fike introduces the EleGuard® explosion vent for the protection of Bucket Elevators
  • Fike introduces a new, cost-effective, conventional Fire Alarm Panel, GatorPro®
  • Fike introduces EleQuench™ flameless venting of Bucket Elevators.
  • Fike releases the new S3 low pressure, sanitary rupture disc.


  • New global website launched
  • Fike introduces ECARO-25 to European market


  • Fike announces FlamQuench II, flameless venting of dust explosions.


  • Patent for: Rate of rise detector for use with explosion detection suppression equipment
  • Patent for: Multiple dome single-panel explosion vent
  • Patent for: Gas cartridge actuated isolation valve
  • Foundation of Fike Asia Pacific, Kuala Lumpar, Malaysia


  • Foundation of Fike Protection Systems, Guildford, Surrey, United Kingdom
  • Foundation of Fike India, Pune, India
  • Method and apparatus for testing the integrity of oil delivery tubing within an oil well casing
  • Patent for: Non-fragmenting, non-explosive actuating valve mechanism for fire suppression apparatus


  • Foundation of Fike Latina, Sao Paulo, Brazil
  • Patent for: Fire suppression or explosion protection system having a manual actuator for an electrically responsive initiator or gas-generating cartridge actuator


  • Introduction of AS400 business system
  • Patent for: Low burst pressure, multiple domed, scored rupture disc


  • DIN ISO 9001/EN29001 approval
  • First UL listed and FM approved Halon replacement fire protection system
  • Foundation of Fike Iberica, Barcelona, Spain


  • Global presence in explosion protection by taking part in testing program with CIBA authority
  • Patent for: Multiple-dome, scored rupture disc


  • Patent for: Environmental Detection system useful for fire detection and suppression


  • Foundation of Fike Italia, Milan, Italy


  • Foundation of Fike Deutschland, Mannheim, Germany


  • Patent for: Hygienic pressure relief panel unit


  • Foundation of Fike France, Pontoise, France


  • Patent for: Micro-scale chemical process simulation methods and apparatus useful for design of full-scale processes, emergency relief systems and associated equipment


  • Patent for: High reverse pressure resistant low forward burst pressure rupture disc assembly
  • Foundation of Fike Canada, Burlington, Ontario, Canada
  • Foundation of Fike UK, Maidstone, Kent, United Kingdom
  • Change of name to Fike Corporation


  • Foundation of Fike Europe, Herentals, Belgium


  • Patent for: Horizontal Discharge assembly for vertically oriented fire extinguisher


  • Foundation of Fike Japan, Tokyo, Japan
  • Patent for: Low burst pressure corrosion resistant rupture disc assembly
  • Patent for: Multiple Independently Actuatable fire suppression devices each having individual actuating power sources


  • Patent for: Remotely actuatable portable fire suppression apparatus


  • Patent for: Rupture Disc Pressure Relief Structure for Polymerization


  • Patent for: Rupture Disc Assembly


  • Patent for: Rupture Disc Assembly for high pressure vessels


  • Foundation of Fike Metal Products