The 12th International Symposium on Hazards, Prevention, and Mitigation of Industrial Explosions (ISHPMIE) is being hosted by Fike Corporation. This symposium is aimed at providing valuable opportunity, in which scientists on explosion phenomena and specialists on industrial explosion hazards can meet together and exchange their ideas and information.

ISHPMIE was started from the first symposium in Bergen, Norway (1996). It was established by incorporating the Seventh International Colloquium on Dust Explosions and the Second Colloquium on Gas, Vapor, Liquid, Hybrid and Fuel-Air Explosions. The symposium continued with the second symposium in Schaumburg, USA (1998), the third in Tsukuba, Japan (2000), the fourth in Bourges, France (2002), the fifth in Cracow, Poland (2004), the sixth in Halifax, Canada (2006), the seventh in St. Petersburg, Russia (2008), the eighth in Yokohama Japan (2010), the ninth in Cracow, Poland (2012), the tenth in Bergen, Norway (2014) and the eleventh in Dalian, China (2016).

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