EXPLOSION PROTECTION SOLUTIONS Safety is no accident. With over 60 years of field experience and a team of in-house engineers, application specialists and combustion researchers, you can rely on Fike for effective, reliable explosion protection solutions that fit your growing safety needs. We stand behind our explosion protection products with a commitment to quality, full-scale explosion testing capabilities and unprecedented expertise.

The EGV Explosion Vent from Fike
Design Rectangular, single element, integrated frame

Burst Pressure Ranges 0.7 to 2.9 PSIG 50 - 200 MBARG 0.05 - 0.2 KG/CM2
Burst Pressure Tolerance ±0.21% PSIG
Process Temp. Range -4 - 140° F -20 - 60° C

Fike's EleGuard is a single element explosion venting device specifically designed for use in protecting bucket elevators from damaging explosions. This cost-effective explosion vent is also easy to install because of its integrated frame, requiring only six bolts.
  • Instantaneous Full Opening
  • Optimal vent area (100 % Venting Efficiency)
  • Simple Installation and virtually maintenance-free
  • Non-fragmenting
  • Integrated frame
  • Flameless venting option with EleQuench