EXPLOSION PROTECTION SOLUTIONS Safety is no accident. With over 60 years of field experience and a team of in-house engineers, application specialists and combustion researchers, you can rely on Fike for effective, reliable explosion protection solutions that fit your growing safety needs. We stand behind our explosion protection products with a commitment to quality, full-scale explosion testing capabilities and unprecedented expertise.


Flameless Venting

CBS News recently aired a segment on "The Danger of Combustible Dust" on 60 Minutes.

Click to view this interesting report concerning industrial dust hazards.


Flameless Explosion Venting

Explosion vents are one of the most economical, practical and convenient solutions to preventing explosions from reaching their potential maximum pressures. However, it is often necessary to locate process equipment indoors, making venting difficult, if not impossible. Through full-scale explosion testing and research, Fike has developed several flameless venting solutions that allow you to safely and economically protect this equipment.
FlamQuench Flameless Explosion Venting
Designed for use in combination with round Fike explosion vents, the FlamQuench extinguishes the flame from the vented explosion, not allowing it to exit the device ... where it could ignite secondary explosions or endanger personnel. All of this is accomplished without expensive or prohibitive ducting, limitations on location of the process equipment, or other expensive explosion protection systems.

  Vented explosion from a 200 Kst test with corn starch and a 24-inch vent

Vented explosion under the same conditions using a 24-inch vent and FlamQuench
FlamQuench II SQ Flameless Explosion Venting
Designed for use with square/rectangular explosion vents, FlamQuench SQ technology consists of various layers of high temperature stainless steel which absorb heat produced during the combustion. This allows conventional venting to be done indoors with no release of flame.
EleQuench Flameless Explosion Venting for Grain Elevators
The EleQuench flame arrester is a flame filter companion to the EleGuard explosion vent - designed specifically for use on grain bucket elevator legs. When grain elevators must be located indoors, the EleQuench prevents the release of flame and product for reduced risk to personnel and equipment, and testing shows that no correction to vent sizing is required on the leg sections of the elevator. Please consult the factory for sizing recommendations on the head section. Add in easy installation and maintenance (the EleQuench flame arrester and EleGuard explosion vent bolt directly onto the elevator), and you have a versatile, efficient addition for protection against explosion and flame damage.
Fike's innovative approach to venting and flameless venting solutions provides protection you can rely on...
  • Flame extinguishment
  • Dust retention
  • Economical installation
  • Fast, easy and more economic return to production
  • Easy, quick field refurbishment
  • ATEX certified / NFPA 68 and 61 compliant