EXPLOSION PROTECTION SOLUTIONS Safety is no accident. With over 60 years of field experience and a team of in-house engineers, application specialists and combustion researchers, you can rely on Fike for effective, reliable explosion protection solutions that fit your growing safety needs. We stand behind our explosion protection products with a commitment to quality, full-scale explosion testing capabilities and unprecedented expertise.


Sanitary / Hygienic


CBS News recently aired a segment on "The Danger of Combustible Dust" on 60 Minutes.

Click to view this interesting report concerning industrial dust hazards.


Sanitary / Hygienic Explosion Protection

There are unique challenges in the Biotech, Pharmaceutical and Food & Beverage industries. Through years of experience, Fike has developed specific explosion protection products designed to respect those Clean-In-Place/Steam-In-Place requirements. From explosion venting to active explosion protection systems, Fike has the right high-performance products for all your sanitary and industrial applications.
Explosion Venting
Fike has a complete line of cost-effective, reliable explosion vents, including several high performance vents designed specifically for sanitary and hygienic applications.
Sani-VS - Specifically designed for CIP/SIP applications, the fail safe design of the Sani-VS explosion vent provides instantaneous full opening, eliminating undetected small openings and risks of contamination.
Sani-V - Designed for the specific needs of clean production environments, the Sani-V explosion vent can handle partial vacuum conditions and provides stable performance over a wide range of temperatures. The integrated frame and process gasket make installation of this explosion vent, easy and fast.
CV-H - Manufactured from a stainless steel slotted sheet and covered by a fluoropolymer liner on the process side, the unique CV-H explosion vent design effectively eliminates "pocket areas", making it great for hygienic and sanitary applications.
Explosion Isolation
Designed so that it can be used in sanitary applications, Fike explosion isolation systems prevent an explosion from escalating by blocking the flame paths that lead to other areas, effectively eliminating secondary explosions.
Explosion Suppression
Fike suppression systems offer the fastest, most reliable response time, lower maintenance costs and specific solutions for CIP/SIP requirements.
Explosion Detection
Rated for sanitary uses, the Fike control system's small size, modular design, preconfigured set-ups, easy installation and global compatibility, make it the most flexible, simple-to-use explosion protection detection and control system available.