EXPLOSION PROTECTION SOLUTIONS Safety is no accident. With over 60 years of field experience and a team of in-house engineers, application specialists and combustion researchers, you can rely on Fike for effective, reliable explosion protection solutions that fit your growing safety needs. We stand behind our explosion protection products with a commitment to quality, full-scale explosion testing capabilities and unprecedented expertise.


Fike Explosion Venting

Explosion venting, one of the most common and effective forms of explosion protection, offers overpressure protection from potential industrial explosion hazards by providing a planned pathway for the expanding gases to escape. Economically priced and offering a long service life, Fike's wide range of explosion venting solutions are ideal for many applications.

Composite Explosion Vents
Fike designs effective, reliable explosion protection solutions to meet your safety requirements.

Sanitary Explosion Vents
There are unique challenges in the Biotech, Pharmaceutical and Food & Beverage industries. Fike has specific explosion venting solutions designed to respect those Clean-In-Place/Steam-In-Place requirements.
Explosion Vent Stocking Program
Shipment within 48 hours!
(From Fike's manufacturing facility in Blue Springs, MO, USA)

Fike's Stock Vent Program gives you the added advantages of quick turn-around and reduced costs. When you select one of the listed stock vents, you realize shipment within 48 hours, at a price less than a custom vent - even if it is a larger vent.

Time is money, and you save both with Fike's Stock Explosion Vent program.

High Performance/Special Application Explosion Venting Solutions
In addition to a line of the highest performing explosion venting solutions available, Fike offers solutions for special venting applications such as bucket elevators and high vacuum process requirements.