FIRE ALARM SOLUTIONS Fike has long been known for being a leader in service, support and delivery in the fire protection industry … with easy, convenient access to trained, knowledgeable Fike fire protection representatives. Combine that with the most advanced fire alarm technologies, competitively priced to meet all your application needs, and you have the total solution for all your fire alarm and fire protection needs.




Fike's FAAST is very early warning fire detection featuring the latest in Fire Alarm Aspiration Sensing Technology. Compatible and complementary to each of Fike's fire alarm and fire suppression systems, this technology uses an advanced, intelligent smoke detector that actively draws air into its sensor through a pipe network. FAAST combines dual source blue LED and infra-red laser optical smoke detection with advanced algorithms to detect a wide range of fires while maintaining enhanced immunity to nuisance particulates … and enabling FAAST to deliver highly accurate and discreet early warning fire detection for a wide variety of environments/ applications.

FAAST Intelligence
FAAST is an intelligent fire alarm device and acts, reports and programs similar to any SLC device (including detectors and pull stations). A fully integrated part of Fike's family of fire alarm and fire suppression releasing panels, FAAST is easily programmable, reducing overall cost and commissioning of the entire fire alarm system.
  • Wide sensitivity range: 0.00046 - 6.25 %/ft obscuration
  • Five fire/smoke alarm levels and two sensitivity modes for flexibility
  • Dual flow detection for pipe and chamber air flow measurement
  • Single device protects up to 8,000 sq. feet
  • Advanced detection algorithms reject common nuisance conditions
  • Patented particle separator and field-replaceable filter, remove contaminants
  • Onboard Ethernet interface enables remote monitoring and e-mail status updates

Managing the View
The intelligent FAAST air sampling system, provides you with all the information you need to manage your environment.
Multiple Display Options: Receive Current Detector Status:
  • 5 alarm levels
  • 10 pre-alarm particulate levels
  • 10-level airflow verification
  • Full range of fault indications