FIRE DETECTION AND CONTROL SOLUTIONS  When smoke and fire threaten critical business assets, reaction time is crucial. Fike designs fire protection products that utilize the most innovative technologies yet are convenient to install and operate. Whether you need an intelligent or conventional fire suppression control system, linear heat detection, early warning detection or an emergency power-off system, Fike has the fire protection solution to fit your needs.



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SpyderGuard™ Video Flame and Smoke Detection Monitoring Software


SpyderGuard is our state-of-the-art monitoring, investigative and administrative tool and is designed to seamlessly access multiple FSM-IP servers over an enterprise-wide network or the Internet. The SpyderGuard video flame and smoke detection software provides:

  • live, on-event and on-demand video feeds
  • voice annunciation of alarms with a precise location
  • real-time access to building plans
  • visuals of areas and locations under alarm conditions

With SpyderGuard it is easy to search and playback events stored in video archives for forensic analysis of the events leading up to the fire.

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Situational Awareness

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Each time a fire, smoke and/or motion event is detected by one of the SigniFire IPô video smoke detection cameras, SpyderGuard automatically switches to live feed of the event -- showing real-time footage with an audio description of alarm and location. The situational awareness provided by SpyderGuard means on-site personnel do not have to constantly monitor the video to know when a fire happens, and it provides instantaneous, relevant information to determine the appropriate course of action.


23% of all non-residential fires are arsons, requiring serious forensic investigations. Traditionally, fire investigators recreate the events that led to a fire by painstakingly collecting the evidence at the scene. SpyderGuard can reduce this process from weeks to just a few hours, through review of all video recordings prior to the event. Depending on the size of storage used, SpyderGuard allows investigators to view events hours, days and even weeks before the event.

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Security - peace of mind

SpyderGuard combines physical security and early warning fire and smoke detection -- expanding the functionality of a video security system to protect the assets from accidental as well as intentional fires.


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