MRK Modified Rupture Disc Knife Blades, Reverse-acting, Low Burst Pressure


Ideal for low burst pressures/high back pressure applications, the highly accurate Fike MRK (Modified Reverse-acting w/ Knifeblade) rupture disc has superior low pressure opening characteristics and can be used in gas or vapor service.

  • 3-blade knife design of flange assembly provides accurate burst pressures
  • 90% operating ratio of the MRK offers high cyclical performance
  • Non-fragmenting (please specify when ordering)
  • Withstands full vacuum, without the aid of a vacuum support
  • MRK rupture discs offer superior corrosion resistance
Design Scored, Reverse-acting, Low Burst Pressure


Size Range 1 – 24 in 25 – 600 mm
Burst Pressure Range 4 – 1440 PSIG .28 – 99.3 BARG .28 – 101.24 KG/CM2



MRK Rupture Disc Chart

MRK Rupture Disc Chart




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