OIL & GAS  Failure of pressure activation devices is a major problem in oil exploration and recovery. Fike has applied over 65 years of experience in rupture disc technology to produce accurate and reliable pressure relief and pressure activation devices specifically designed to meet the unique needs of oilfield applications.


Power Generation Tools


Downhole Power Generation Tools

As a result of its exciting, gas-generating technology, Fike can help provide power to downhole devices, deep hole drilling tools and other oilfield applications. Using a variety of propellants, Fike combines this new technology with over 60 years experience with rupture discs, to form an exclusive line of power generation tools -- giving you instantaneous power downhole to move tools, activate events, stop events, extend, push, pull and much more...

Downhole Applications Include:

    Valves (Ram Operated)
      Downhole Communications
      Downhole release of tools
      Subsea Release
      Anchor Line
    Thrusters / Pin Pullers
      Downhole activation of sleeves
      Setting tools
      Opening passage or chamber communication
      Disconnection downhole
      Release of internal tools
    Gas Generation
      Provide power sources over extended period of time to create a desired activity

Fike uses rupture disc technology and propellants in whole new way... to give you MORE POWER downhole!