Pressure Relief Valve and Safety Relief Valve Protection


What can reduce your maintenance costs, increase your plant’s operating potential, improve plant procedures and potentially reduce downtime and your fugitive emissions concerns?

Pressure Relief Valves are indispensable to the protection of many processes … and ultimately your business. Now you can safeguard your high-cost PRVs with affordable rupture discs from Fike.

When Fike rupture discs are used to isolate or GUARD your Pressure Relief VALVES (PRV) from process media and downstream contaminants, we refer to this as the VALVEGUARD concept. Affordable and effective in both vapor and liquid applications, Fike rupture discs are 100% leakage-proof and 100% bubbletight. (In fact, our standards for bubble-tightness far exceed industry regulations.) The Fike rupture discs suitable for PRV/SRV protection include:

By reducing their exposure to corrosion, material build-up, polymerization and simmering, cost-effective ValveGuard rupture discs protect your pressure relief valves (safety relief valves) – extending the lifetime of an important and EXPENSIVE piece of equipment.

Valve Guard Image
With Fike Valveguard rupture discs you may spend a little extra up front, but the realized savings over time can be terrific. Add in turnaround time, downtime and hidden expenses, and the calculated savings grows … just compare.

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