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AD Series

The AD rupture disc is designed for the protection of atmospheric vessels.


Design Flat Composite, Forward-acting

Size Range 1.5 24 in 40 - 600 mm  
Burst Pressure Range 1 15 PSIG 0.07 - 1.03 BARG 0.07 - 1.05 KG/CM2

Tolerances See Chart on Datasheet


The AD rupture disc is designed for protection and /or vacuum protection of atmospheric vessels.
The AD-H model is available for sanitary configurations.

  • Bursts in either direction at same pressure (1:1 ratio)
  • Low burst pressures available, 1 psig (70 barg) to 15 psig (1034 barg)
  • Partial vacuum rating without vacuum supports
  • No special rupture disc holders necessary (mounts between companion flanges)
  • Pre-attached gaskets for easy installation
  • Available with CSA approved integral burst indicator
  • Standard materials of construction are 316/316L SST top and bottom sections with a fluoropolymer seal. Other materials are available upon request