PRESSURE RELIEF SOLUTIONS  Fike is a leader in bursting disc and rupture disc innovation. Fike pressure relief products are compliant with global code regulations and are designed to meet or exceed industry requirements for rupture disc performance, reliability, and quality. From safeguarding your manufacturing processes to protecting your safety relief valves (SRV's), Fike rupture discs and pressure relief products are part of the critical path to lowering your costs and helping you achieve higher profitability.



The Extruder rupture disc


Design Extruder, Forward Acting

Size Range 3/16 5 in 4.5 - 127 mm  
Burst Pressure Range 1,500 50,000 PSIG 103.4 - 3448 BARG 105.46 - 3515 KG/CM2

Tolerances See Chart on Datasheet


The Fike Extruder Rupture Disc Device or ERD (also known as a Blow Out Plug ), is a pressure relief device primarily designed for overpressure protection of plastic extrusion processes. Extruder Rupture Disc applications are unique, each requiring a specific combination of dimensions, threading, and body configuration. Fike has a variety of standard Extruder Rupture Disc devices, and the capability to design and manufacture to customer specifications.

  • Higher pressures and temperature ratings may be achieved with a welded design
  • Standard materials of construction are stainless steel for the body and Inconel® 600 for the rupture disc. Other materials are available upon request