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The SHX rupture disc


Design Sanitary, Forward-acting, Scored

Size Range 1.5 2 in 40 - 50 mm  
Burst Pressure Range 300 1500 PSIG 20.68 - 103.45 BARG 21.09 - 105.46 KG/CM2

Tolerances See Chart on Datasheet


The SHX rupture disc is a forward acting, cross scored rupture disc, ideal for operation in liquid or gaseous systems, and designed for higher pressure applications.

  • FDA-Approved gaskets are removable and replaceable to allow easy cleaning / maintenance
  • Great for heavy cycling and pulsating duty
  • Full vacuum capability
  • Non-fragmenting in both liquid and vapor
  • Electro-polish option is available
  • CE and 3-A certified