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Pressure Relief
Installatiion & Maintence
  Pre-Torqueable Holder
  Insert Holder


The SRL rupture disc


Design Scored, Reverse-acting, Low Burst Pressure

Size Range 1 8 in 25-200 mm  
Burst Pressure Range 10 230 PSIG 0.69 - 15.86 BARG 0.70 - 16.17 KG/CM2

Tolerances ± 5% except 40 PSIG/2.7 BARG and below which is ± 2 PSIG / 0.14 BARG


* Consult factory if full vacuum is required and specified burst pressure is below 15 PSIG (1.03 BARG)

This convenient one-piece, single membrane rupture disc is reverse-bulged and perimeter-scored to facilitate opening without knife blades.