Rupture Disc Holders


The typical Conventional Bolted Type Rupture Disc Holder is a two-piece unit consisting of a base flange (inlet) and a hold-down flange (outlet). The 30° angular seating surfaces of these flanges are machined to grip Fike’s Conventional P/CPV and HO/HOV Series Rupture Discs. When assembled, the crown (bulged portion) of the disc protrudes into the hold-down flange and a metal to metal seal is provided.

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Rupture Disc
Holder Type
Disc Families
Bolted TypeBolted Type Holder HO/HOVP/CPVPOLY-SDAxius®SRLSRXATLAS
Screw TypeScrew Type Holder P/CPVSCRD FS
Union TypeUnion Type Holder HO/HOVP/CPVSCRD UT
PretorqueablePretorqueable Holder Type POLY-SDAxius®SRLSRX
Double Disc AssemblyDouble Disc Assembly POLY-SDSCRD-VSRLAxius
Viscous Tee
Special Applications Holder