PRESSURE RELIEF SOLUTIONS  Fike is a leader in bursting disc and rupture disc innovation. Fike pressure relief products are compliant with global code regulations and are designed to meet or exceed industry requirements for rupture disc performance, reliability, and quality. From safeguarding your manufacturing processes to protecting your safety relief valves (SRV's), Fike rupture discs and pressure relief products are part of the critical path to lowering your costs and helping you achieve higher profitability.


Sanitary Disc


Sanitary Application Rupture Discs

Sanitary and hygienic applications demand specific rupture disc requirements. Fike has new technologies, rupture discs, holders and pressure relief support developed for the unique challenges of the Biotech, Pharmaceutical and Food & Beverage industries.

  • Easy to clean without removing disc
  • Disc installation is easy with tri-clamp assembly
  • Suitable for liquid & vapor applications
  • Available with FDA-approved gasket materials: Silicone, VitRon®, EPDM or fluoropolymer
  • Meets 3A Standard
Axius-SC - Offering some of the tightest tolerances, high operating ratio and superior cycling capability, the Axius SC is the most advanced sanitary rupture disc available.
SR-H - The versatile SR-H is easy to clean (without removing the disc!), non-fragmenting uses no special rupture disc holder and can be used in either gas or liquid applications.
SHX - The SHX rupture disc is a forward acting, cross-scored rupture disc, ideal for operation in liquid or gaseous systems, and designed for higher pressure applications.
AD-H - The AD-H rupture disc is designed for protection and /or vacuum protection of atmospheric vessels in sanitary applications.
Lo-V - The Lo-V is an accurate, bi-directional rupture disc designed to protect processing and storage tanks from implosion or over-pressure conditions.
Sanitary / Hygienic Accessories:
  • BCH Burst Indicator - Designed for use with Fike Hygienic/ Sanitary service rupture discs to provide instantaneous notification of rupture disc activation. That translates into additional insurance from costly over-pressure incidents. And the BCH Burst Indicator is quick and easy to install, saving you time and money!
Clamps & Ferrules - Fike sanitary rupture discs are designed for use in ASME BPE ferrules, DIN 32676 ferrules and NovAseptic® Connectors flush mount fittings.