Top 5 Benefits of Special Hazard Fire Suppression over Traditional Water Sprinklers

Including Inert Gas, Chemical Agents and CO2

Imagine a high-tech data center, equipped with server after server full of sensitive information and bank account numbers. Imagine a museum housing priceless artwork and artifacts. Now, imagine a small fire igniting in either location–and hundreds of gallons of fire sprinkler water raining down upon these critical assets.

These assets are too important to be protected by yesterday’s fire sprinkler systems. They deserve today’s special hazard fire protection solutions.

Special hazard fire protection refers to any waterless fire suppression systems, including those that use inert gases, CO2 or chemical agents to suppress fires.

Special hazard fire suppression systems are often more effective than sprinklers because they:

  1. Result in Minimal Collateral Damage – Both the data center and art museum’s traditional sprinkler systems would likely cause significant damage. This isn’t the case with modern special hazard fire protection systems, as fires are quickly detected and efficiently eliminated with safe gaseous agents or chemicals, all designed to protect these critical assets.
  2. Are Fast Acting – By code, special hazard fire suppression systems are required to be dispersed and reach required concentration levels within as little as 10 seconds, snuffing out a fire before it results in catastrophic damage.
  3. Require Minimal Cleanup and Leave No Residue – Ruined electronics and soggy carpet and furniture are all common staples of a triggered fire-sprinkler system. Today’s gaseous fire suppression solutions result in little to no cleanup, allowing operations to return to normal quickly.
  4. Are Safe – Inert gases and clean agents like FM-200 and Ecaro-25 are all safe for the occupied areas in which they are discharged.
  5. Offer Many Options for Many NeedsWhether an organization requires the “greenest,” the most cost-effective or the most globally accepted fire suppression solutions available, special hazard fire suppression systems can be highly customized to meet these needs.

Fike Corporation is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of special hazard fire suppression systems, offering a full range of inert gases, CO2 and clean agents solutions. For more information, or if you have further questions, contact a Fike Fire Suppression Specialist today.