Ecaro-25 Caught Between a Rock and a Hard Place

mountain data center ecaro-25, cheetah xi implementation case studyA Tier IV Data Center for Irreplaceable Assets

Built within a dolomite rock mine reinforced with 7-foot bolts shot into the ceiling, and located in an area considered quite low in seismic activity, the Mountain Data Center is ideal for record storage and IT service offerings. The facility boasts the latest in high-tech security and archive storage, is managed by IT professionals, and even preserves air quality by restricting trucks inside and using only electric equipment.

This acute attention to detail, has earned The Mountain Complex the ability to become a Tier IV data center — the highest level possible. A Tier IV data center provides the capacity to conduct any planned activity without disruption. Companies using the advanced Mountain Data Center as a disaster recovery hot site, archive storage management and/or e-vaulting facility, include businesses of all sizes as well as health care organizations, banks, attorneys and government agencies.

Finding Fast-Acting Fire Protection for Artifacts and Critical Assets

One priority for the facility was the protection of stored artifacts and high-value equipment from possible fire occurrences, and the subsequent damaging affects of water. Facility Manager J.R. Rosselit selected Keller Fire and Safety, Inc to assist with choosing the proper fire protection to protect these assets and to uphold their Tier IV data center rating. Keller recommended a clean agent fire suppression system — superior to basic water-based fire protection systems because it detects and extinguishes a fire faster; is safe for people, equipment and artifacts; and requires no clean-up.

Fike’s Clean Agent Suppression System and Intelligent Fire Suppression Deployment Panel

“When we were looking for a clean agent product to protect our data center, I wanted something reliable, easy to install, easy to maintain and with a reliable history–as well as having longevity,” explained J.R. “I researched all of the fire suppression products, traveled to some of the plants and spoke with many sales representatives and product users. With The Mountain Complex being a ‘World Class’ facility, and based on the advise from Keller, my recommendation to our Board of Directors was to use the ECARO-25® system and the Cheetah® Xi intelligent fire suppression panel–both by Fike.”

ECARO-25, utilizing DuPont™ FE-25™ as the fire extinguishing agent, is the premier design in clean agent systems because it is more efficient in agent hold time and is the most economical of all clean agent systems. ECARO-25 also has zero ozone depleting potential, is environmentally safe, is electrically non-conductive and leaves no residue. It is a perfect compliment to this technologically-advanced facility.

The Mountain Data Center ecaro-25 fire protection

Fike’s Cheetah Xi Intelligent Fire Suppression System, was chosen as the fire releasing panel, due to its unprecedented speed and intelligence. The Cheetah Xi system turns every detection and control device into a peer which can communicate with the control panel, and with each other, making it extraordinarily fast. And each device is also capable of generating accurate and highly detailed information.

  • The Mountain Complex was proactive in the protection of its investment, understanding both the risk of fire and the damaging effects of a water- based fire protection system on valuable equipment and assets.
  • Keller Fire and Safety carefully evaluated all potential hazards, for an efficient installation of the most effective products available.
  • The successful partnership of Fike, Keller and The Mountain Complex management resulted in a system that will propel The Mountain towards continued success as a premier data center facility.