Tight Deadlines, Vital Protection

San Carlos, CA, located midway between San Francisco and San Jose, has been a magnet for families, due in large part to the small size and high educational value the San Carlos School District offers. In an effort to maintain this standard, the district has undertaken a large facility modernization project, affecting multiple schools. In order to continue the project throughout the school year, the district set up temporary housing for displaced classrooms, creating a unique and immediate need for stand-alone fire alarm systems. The electrical engineer consulted with Fike distributor, Sound and Signal.

“This project had a challenging completion schedule,” said Ron Morgan, President of Sound and Signal. “I recommended using the Fike fire alarm products. The engineer did not have previous experience with Fike, but because of the long standing relationship between my company and his, the engineer agreed to try the Fike product.” Fike shipped four CyberCat™ intelligent fire alarm systems in one day, Sound and Signal completed the installation of all sites in 2 days, and inspectors granted occupancy to the building. “The engineer appreciated us being able to get these projects done on such short notice and was very impressed with the Fike product,” explained Ron. “This particular engineer specializes in schools and others within the education market, and is now very interested in getting more Fike information so they can specify it on their future projects.”

Most recently another temporary housing project came up across the Bay in the San Ramon California Area, with even tighter time constraints. “At first I told them we couldn’t do it,” said Ron. “It was the end of summer, we had a lot of projects in the works, and quite frankly I didn’t think we could get product in time to complete the project before they wanted to use the facility. The engineer pleaded with me to take the project on. So I called Fike.”

Fike responded with the digital, peer-to-peer, bi-directional communication system, CyberCat, and the installation of 7 classrooms, a multipurpose room and a restroom building was completed and on line in only one day! The panel tested perfectly and was inspected for occupancy the following week.

“With every instance of using the CyberCat product, our resulting installations are flawless and the equipment works great. Sound and Signal is starting a push to change existing specifications to the Fike CyberCat system,” exclaimed Ron.

Critical Success Factors

1. Product was received quickly to accommodate tight school year deadlines.

2. Installation was completed easily, the panel tested perfectly and the school district received occupancy in time for the first day of school!

3. A CyberCat™ fire alarm control panel cuts alarm response time between manual pull station and strobe activation to as little as onequarter second!

When it comes to protecting the lives of our children, split seconds count.