Downhole Power Generation Tools

Downhole Power Generation Tools

As a result of exciting, gas-generating technology, Fike can help provide power to downhole devices, deep hole drilling tools and other oil field applications. Using a variety of propellants, Fike combines this new technology with nearly 70 years experience with rupture discs to form an exclusive line of power generation tools — giving you instantaneous power downhole to move tools, activate events, stop events, extend, push, pull and much more.

Downhole applications include:

Valves (Ram Operated)

  • Downhole communications


  • Downhole release of tools
  • Subsea release
  • Anchor line

Thrusters / Pin Pullers

  • Downhole activation of sleeves
  • Setting tools
  • Opening passage or chamber communication


  • Disconnection downhole
  • Release of internal tools

Gas Generation

  • Provide power sources over extended period of time to create a desired activity


  • Valves (Ram Operated)
  • Cutters
  • Thrusters / pin Pullers
  • Bolts
  • Gas generation

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