Fike Fire Watch

Fike Fire Watch

Save Money and Work Hours on Temporary Fire Protection

Fike Fire Watch is an affordable, portable unit that performs the duties of a fire watch required by NFPA and AHJs (authorities having jurisdiction) that otherwise must be performed by temporary fire watch guards.

How much does your business spend each year on fire watch? How many hours per year do you assign employees to perform this function?

Finally, you can cut these costs and take control over temporary fire protection with Fike Fire Watch!

NFPA requires fire watch for hours after hot work and when fire protection systems are impaired or disabled. Fike Fire Watch is compliant as a mitigating measure per NFPA 72, additional temporary fire protection per NFPA 25 and can be used as primary, post-hot work area monitoring according to NFPA 51B.

Fike Fire Watch is an affordable, portable unit that meets these NFPA and AHJ requirements because it comes equipped with:

  • Dual Fike FM-Approved Flame Detectors – chosen based on your unique indoor or outdoor application; selections include IR3, UV/IR or IR3H2, and all include optional, embedded HD video camera
  • Communication suite – sends email and text on alarm via Wi-Fi, cellular or wired Ethernet
  • Alarm System – horn/strobe alerts staff, and relays available for PLC or fire alarm monitoring
  • Protective Enclosure – Rated for harsh environments found both indoors and outdoors

If you have higher demands or unique hazards, Fike Fire Watch offers optional:

  • Fike Video Analytics (indoor use) – capable of detecting smoke, oil mist and reflected flame
  • HD Cameras – live video and recorded events, allows simple fire investigation and safe coordination of responders
  • Central Station Monitoring – take comfort knowing your property is monitored in real time with live video and alarm notification; includes end-user video on demand

Contact Fike today to learn how we can help you with your fire watch needs!