SR-H Hygienic Rupture Disc

SR-H Hygienic Rupture Disc

Scored Hygienic, Reverse-acting, Low Burst Pressure

The versatile SR-H is easy to clean (without removing the disc), non-fragmenting, uses no special rupture disc holder and can be used in either gas or liquid applications.

  • Supplied with FDA approved, non-replaceable gasket materials
  • No special fittings or clamps are required for easy, cost-effective installation.
  • Non-fragmenting
  • Vertical tag to visually confirm proper installation
  • Available with optional fluoropolymer liner on process side, electro polish and burst indicator assembly
  • Meets 3-A standard
  • Standard 12-25 Ra finish; Electro-polishing available, 8-16 Ra finish
  • Effective in VALVEGUARD protection of expensive Pressure Relief Valves and Safety Relief Valves

Design Scored Hygienic , Reverse-acting, Low Burst Pressure
Size Range 1.5 in to 4 in
DN38, DN40, DN50 and DN76
Burst Pressure Range 12 psig to 140 psig 0.83 barg to 9.65 barg
Burst Pressure Tolerance ± 0.15 barg for burst pressure ≤ 1.5 barg
stand. ±10% / red. ± 0.15 barg for burst pressure > 1.5 barg and < 2.76 barg
stand. ± 10% / red. ± 5% for burst pressure ≥ 2.76 barg
Materials 316/316L SST


Hygienic Rupture Disc Installation & Maintenance Instructions

By their very nature, hygienic  applications demand specific rupture disc solutions. Fike has new technologies, including specific rupture discs, holders and pressure relief support, developed for the unique challenges of the Biotech, Pharmaceutical and Food & Beverage industries.