Alan Diehl

Wellness Advisor

Alan is the Wellness Advisor for Fike.

“As the Wellness Advisor I work with internal and external team members to develop a robust health and wellness program that encourages all employees to be mindful and aware of their health status while offering them guidance on how to best meet their individual needs.”

What’s something Alan wishes more people knew about Wellness programs?

“My job isn’t to tell you what to do. It’s to coach and encourage you to perceive and engage with your own personal health needs in a way that allows you to see and reach your full potential.”

What coworkers say about Alan:

“Alan exceeds expectations day in and day out. He takes our wellness initiatives and turns them into a culture in and of themselves that the Fike family of employees thrives on. We are lucky to have someone who is so passionate and knowledgeable about not only health and wellness, but also about engagement and motivation.”

Alan shares his thoughts on his role at Fike: