Amos Leap
Amos Leap, Fire Suppression Product Manager - Americas

Amos Leap

Fire Suppression Product Manager, Americas

Amos is the Product Manager for Fire Suppression, Americas in the Product Management group.

“Product management does the research on market trends and competition to make sure Fike’s existing products meet market needs and if Fike needs to develop new technology to keep up.

I have been at Fike for 10 years (in March, 2019). And  I am very excited about that and proud.”

Amos’ Education and Special Certificates:

“I have been certified in all of our Fire Suppression products.  When I started here I was also a presenter/trainer for Fire Suppression classes.  Since becoming a product manager I have become certified to PMEB (Product Management Executive Board) as a Product Management Professional.”

What coworkers say about working with Amos:

“Amos is the glue for the Fire Suppression group. He has so much knowledge of the solutions we provide, the process we take to offer the best customer experience possible. But at the end of the day, Amos is one of the most enjoyable members to work with every day.”