Bon Shaw

Bon Shaw

Bon is the Director of Research and Special Projects for Fike.

“As a scientist, I am constantly looking to prove and disprove my own theories. As an engineer, I am continuously working to build and rebuild against my scientific evidence.”

What’s something Bon wishes more people knew about Fike’s Research programs?

“We’re never going to be finished. At the heart of our business is the desire to build better every day. And because of that, we are never truly done.”

Bon’s take on the Fike culture:

“Fike is a business, but even more core to that is that Fike is a family. When your family needs you, they count on you. When you need your family, you can count on them. That’s how it is to work at Fike. I’ll never forget what Fike has done for me, and their commitment to my personal well being drives my commitment to performing each day – even post-retirement – for the company.”

Bon shares a story about working at Fike: