Jason Jones

Jason Jones

Global Product Manager - Fire Suppression

Jason is the Global Product Manager for Fire Suppression in the Product Management group.

“Being the product manager for fire suppression is important to Fike because it ensures that we listen to our customers and develop products that satisfy their needs. At the same time, we ensure Fike’s future ability to deliver by closely collaborating with several internal functions to provide the most tested and approved products possible.

The product management department is designed to be the voice of the customer throughout our company. We take the Fike focus of putting the customer first very seriously. As a group, our department develops strategies and offers ongoing support of the development and maintenance of products that meet those customer needs.

I have been with Fike for the last four years, although I also worked at Fike for about two years from 2004 to 2006. Fike’s culture is one-of-a-kind, it brought me back and is a big part of what keeps me here.”

What coworkers say about Jason:

“Jason’s positive attitude and commitment to Fike only drives me to help him and the Fire Protection Group further in delivering solutions that meet our customer’s needs.”