Luis Barbim
Luis Barbim, Regional Sales Manager Fike Brazil

Luis Barbim

Gerente Regional de Vendas

Luis is the Regional Sales Manager for Fike Brazil.

Responsible for sales operation at Americas Southern Cone (which includes Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay and Bolivia) manage and support local Fike’s sales channel, Fike’s end users and partners on the region to help them all realize their potential and fulfill the safety needs thorough Fike’s products, services, technology, excellence and loyal relationship.

“…been a global company with a local presence…” a lot of times we are the face of the company (the ones which first arrives on the hazard on the application on the customer needs) and on those cases it is up to us share, spread and perpetuate the Fike philosophy the same one carried among all the Fike’s internal team which supports us… it is all about safety, about the continuity of the business and the people of our customer and partners. Fike’s equipment are manufactured to last.

When was Fike Established in the Region?

Fike Latina began supporting customers in 1998, with the sales department its core function to support local needs. Luis joined the company in 2010 in the sales team, offering fire protection, explosion protection and pressure relief solutions.

Luis’ Specialized Certifications and Skills include:

  • Bachelor of Electronic Engineering – Mackenzie University – Sao Paulo – Brazil.
  • Vanderbilt University – Launch of New Ventures & Entrepreneurship – Nashville – USA.
  • Simon Fraser University- Global Strategy & Cross-Cultural Management – Vancouver – Canada.
  • Instituto Technologica Autonomo de Mexico – International Competitiveness & Family Business – Mexico City – Mexico.
  • Faculdade Instituto de Administracao – Emerging Markets & Corporate Social Responsibility – Sao Paulo – Brazil.
  • Member of CB-24 Brazilian National Fire Alarm standards Committee.
  • Speaker at GT ABPEX – Grupo de trabalho Academia Brasiliera de Prevensao a Explsoao.