Roger Bours
Roger Bours, Director of Sales - Pressure Relief

Roger Bours

Director, Pressure Relief

Roger is the Director, Pressure Relief.

Given the extensive exposure to industrial protection applications since 1984 and the resulting networking in the industry I have found satisfaction to assist in identifying best solutions as well as assist in identifying market strategy to create business opportunities for our organization. My primary objective is to bring information to the industrial community on the best methods to effectively protect operations and investments from overpressure related situations.

When was Fike Europe established?

Fike Europe first opened in 1984. We are located in Herentals, Belgium and represent the European headquarters for pressure relief and explosion protection for Fike. I joined Fike Europe at its inception.

Roger’s experience includes:

I have been active as applications sales engineer in the field of liquid level measurement and control. Besides working on a daily basis with a large range of industry users I have been active in several international standardization committees working on the creation of related industry standards for pressure relief systems and devices. This exposure and collected experience is applied to provide optimal solutions to overpressure safety applications where I am available to assist our global customers.