Tanya Mitchell

Director of Quality Assurance

Tanya is the Director of Quality Assurance.

“I oversee the planning and certification of engineered product, certification of standard product, internal inspection services, supplier qualification process and the overall ISO 9001 quality system.
Our business is to provide products that prevent from loss of life and equipment.  We have to have the system and processes in place to be controlled and Quality needs to be integrated in all facets of our organization to make certain we deliver quality products that will perform to customer and regulatory requirements.”

A little bit about Tanya and the Quality Assurance group.

Tanya’s team has been with the company for 50 years. And she has had a role at Fike for the last 29 years.

What Tanya’s coworkers say about her:

“Tanya’s knowledge about Fike, the industry, and quality best practices is second to none. She has been a key partner in helping Fike grow over the years.”