Protecting Literacy

Fike Corporation recently earned the right to protect a large and unique library complex located in Mexico. The library is a four story structure built to house millions of literary volumes, and also includes an auditorium, administrative offices, library stacks and reading rooms. The library also boasts large centralized computer services designed to bring greater computer access to the library visitors.

The unique library architecture, high-tech equipment and massive literature collection presented many challenges when it came to protecting the facility from fire and potential smoke and water damage. Garyr S. A., a Fike Corporation fire distributor, won the project with a unique offering, which included the fastest intelligent fire alarm system available, Fike’s CyberCat™. The CyberCat fire alarm panel is a digital, peer-to-peer, bi-directional communication system, revolutionary in its speed, intelligence and flexibility – just the quality product the library needed to provide fire alarm protection in the library stacks, offices, auditorium bookstore and parking areas. The library’s CyberCat system has over 450 intelligent points combining Beam Detection and Smoke Detection across vital areas of the library, and is programmed to control the elevators and A/C systems for further protection in case of fire.

Specific areas presented other concerns, such as the potential devastating loss of vital computer equipment due to fire or subsequent smoke and water damage. Garyr S. A. recommended the superior protection of a Fike ECARO-25™ clean agent fire protection system. ECARO-25, using Dupont’s FE-25 agent, extinguishes a fire much faster than water, is safe for people, requires no clean-up, prevents smoke damage and causes no damage to assets like computer equipment and high-value collectibles.

In total there are 19 suppression areas in 5 zones protected with ECARO-25 within the library complex –including two main computer rooms, 13 remote computer rooms and four electrical areas. Each suppression area is controlled by a Fike SHP Pro conventional releasing panel. These SHP Pro panels are in turn monitored by the CyberCat system, providing intelligent, highly detailed information such as the exact location of hazards. Finally, Garyr S.A. recommended and installed four Fike Emergency Power Shutdown Management Systems (EPSMS), designed to consolidate and coordinate emergency power-off of equipment in a timely manner from a centralized point. The superior physical properties and design of the ECARO-25 clean agent system, combined with the superior reliability of the SHP Pro detection panels and EPSMS panels, allowed for maximum protection and reliability!

Critical Project Success Factors:

  • Garyr S.A. researched the most efficient, effective solution for the protection of the library complex.
  • The unique design and significant loss potential required the installation of the most efficient and cost-effective systems available, including Fike’s state-of-the-art ECARO-25 clean agent fire protection and the intelligent CyberCat fire alarm system.
  • The successful partnership of Fike Corporation and Garyr S.A., resulted in a system that will help this facility towards its goal of being a literacy icon.