Fire Testing of Chemical Agents and Water Mist Systems – Fike Testing Capabilities

Before a Fike fire suppression system is distributed to customers, it endures extensive testing to ensure its speed and reliability. Learn how Fike’s clean agent, water mist and CO2-based systems are tested before they protect processes and the people who operate them.

Transcript, by Brad Stilwell

Fike systems protect a lot of mission critical business and functions. It’s important that we keep those functions running, and even more importantly we keep the people working at those facilities safe to go home.

It’s critical that Fike understands our products. So testing is a huge thing for Fike. And part of testing is you have to understand where the product is going to fail, so you know the product you’re delivering will meet the customer’s expectations.

Typically, the tests we do in the Fire Test Facility are much more difficult than what you would see in the real world. We do a test where we are simulating a fire in a computer room, and the tests we run has four sheets of plastic and a very baffled scenario. And we have to burn that fire for three and a half minutes and then put it out with a minimum concentration.

In the real world, that fire would be detected in under a minute and we would use 35 percent more chemical than we use in the test. We are not afraid to take our equipment and test it against the most difficult fire conditions.