Instalación de prueba de explosión a gran escala - Capacidades de prueba de Fike

El conocimiento es poder, particularmente cuando se trata de seguridad. La moderna instalación de prueba de explosión a gran escala de 50,000 pies cuadrados de Fike desempeña un papel clave en la comprensión continua de Fike de sus productos de protección contra explosiones dentro de cualquier aplicación dada.

Transcript, by Tom Farrell

At the test site we perform a lot of generalized experiments that we use to simulate conditions inside of spray dryers, dust collectors, cyclonic separators and other typical process equipment to try to figure out two things: One, how the explosions actually develop; and two, how to best intercept or suppress them. And we take Fike products, apply it to those same hazards, and make sure they will work in a customer-specific application.

Our test facility is really advanced. We are constantly upgrading our software and data packages to make sure that our data is the most accurate that we can possibly make it. Also, through standardization of systems, and making it very easy for our technicians to set things up, it really reduces our setup time and increases our turnaround time on most tests, which means that in a lot of regards we are able to do tests faster and cheaper than a lot of other people.

I think that what we do is really important because we are that last line of defense. Until something gets tested against an explosion in the intended application, it’s a theory. It’s a nice idea. It’s great engineering drawing. It’s fantastic manufacturing. But until it sees fire, it’s still a theory.

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