Clean Agent Extinguishing Systems


Safely Protecting People, Assets and the Environment

Clean agent suppression systems are fundamentally designed to protect irreplaceable assets and the people around them.

Clean agents include both chemical agents (3M™ Novec™ 1230 Fire Protection Fluid, FM-200, ECARO-25®) and inert gases (PROINERT®), all of which are ideal for protecting servers, electronics, artwork, archives and more.

They produce none of the collateral damage often associated with sprinkler systems. Best of all, they are safe for people and the environment.

Clean Agent Suppression Benefits

Additional benefits that clean agent suppression systems have over traditional water sprinklers include:

  • Fast-Acting Suppression – Clean agent suppression systems are dispersed and reach required concentration levels within as little as 10 seconds, snuffing out a fire before it results in catastrophic damage. They are designed specifically to extinguish fires, unlike traditional sprinklers which are designed to contain the fire until fire safety personnel can arrive.
  • Minimal Cleanup and Residue – Ruined electronics, soggy carpet and damaged furniture are all common staples of a triggered sprinkler system. Today’s chemical and gaseous fire suppression solutions result in little to no cleanup, allowing operations to quickly return to normal.
  • People Safe – Clean agents are safe for people and are approved by the US Environmental Protection Agency for us in normally occupied spaces.
  • Various Options to Meet Your Needs – Whether your organization requires the “greenest,” the most cost-effective or the most globally accepted fire suppression solutions available, clean agent suppression systems can be highly customized to meet these needs.

Types of Clean Agents

Fike features one of the most diverse and comprehensive clean agent line ups for use in both commercial and industrial environments. Our clean agent suppression systems include:

  • 3M™ Novec™ Fire Protection Fluid*The most eco-friendly chemical clean agent available. It extinguishes fires with minimal collateral damage and cleanup, and does so with zero ozone-depleting potential and a global warming potential of just one.
  • FM-200 (chemical agent) – The most globally accepted chemical agent with the greatest number of installations worldwide among the chemical agents.
  • ECARO-25 (chemical agent) – Requires 10 percent less agent than an FM-200 system and 30 percent less agent than an FK-5-1-12 system, making it one of the most cost-effective clean agents.
  • PROINERT (inert gas) – Provides the most flexible design options of the clean agents for two primary reasons:
    • PROINERT operates at much higher pressure than chemical agents
    • because inert gases are stored in a gaseous state, unlike chemical agents which are stored as a liquid, PROINTER2 sustains minimal friction loss as it flows through a pipe network, allowing for longer pipe runs and more zoning options.

The Fike Advantage – IMPULSE® Valve Technology

Why choose Fike for your clean agent suppression needs? Only Fike’s clean agent systems come equipped with proprietary Impulse Valve Technology.

Featuring Fike’s reverse-acting Axius Rupture Disc, the Impulse Valve allows for a full, unrestricted flow of agent upon discharge. This results in minimal friction losses, allowing for longer pipe runs, smaller diameter pipes and greater design flexibility.