Computer Room Saved by Fike’s FM-200® Fire Suppression System

World-Class Fire Protection Needed for a Full-Service Computer Company

data centers require special fire protection solutions that can be called upon quickly and reliably to protect critical assets at great risk for damage from smoke and waterOn September 24th, 2004 BRS-Intron, a computer company based in Visby, Sweden, averted what could have been a major disaster. Because it is a full-service company, specializing in complete product solutions, servicing and financing, BRS-Intron’s business is heavily dependent on the continuous operation of its business systems. For this reason, it chose Fike Corporation’s FM-200® (HFC-227ea) clean agent fire suppression system for the protection of its computer equipment. This fast, effective fire protection agent discharges as a gas, leaving no residue and eliminating the costly clean up often associated with sprinklers and other systems. Installation of BRS-Intron’s FM-200 system was quickly and efficiently handled by local Fike distributor, Exting AB.

Activation of Fire Suppression System Raises Alarm

Late on the evening of September 24th, BRS-Intron’s IT Manager, Anders Stenberg, received a message that the FM-200 extinguishing system in the computer room had been activated. When he approached the site, he could smell smoke mixed with the released agent, and feared the worst. Stenberg knew the speed at which a fire can accelerate, and that smoke damage alone is capable of destroying sensitive computer and information storage equipment.

Fast-Acting, Clean Agent Protection Protects Vulnerable Systems

However, after the power units were charged, the computer started right up and ran perfectly — the Fike FM-200 system had done its job. When the accompanying air sampling system detected fm-200 tank nozzlesmoke (above the predetermined 100% level for more than ten seconds) the clean agent system was activated and extinguished the fire within ten seconds. There was no time for the fire (later determined to be the result of a short circuit in two power supply units) or smoke to destroy the delicate equipment. And no time was lost to costly repairs, equipment replacement or even clean-up.

Tremendously relieved, Stenberg commented, “We are very happy with our Fike FM-200 extinguishing system. It could have been a total disaster if the fire had continued and destroyed the computer room. We are very pleased with the function of the system and the response we received from our supplier, Exting AB.”

Critical Project Success Factors:

  • BRS-Intron proactively protected their vital computer room equipment with Fike Corporation’s FM-200 clean agent fire suppression system.
  • The FM-200 system was installed by Exting AB, a professional, factory trained Fike partner.
  • The successful activation of the FM-200 extinguishing system averted devastating computer losses and eliminated costly downtime or system interruption.