Metallurgy Lab – Fike Testing Capabilities

At its core, Fike is a team of problem solvers—a term that describes no department better than Fike’s Metallurgy Lab. Equipped with nearly two decades of experience and data, and the latest state-of-the-art equipment, the Metallurgy Lab is an integral part of Fike’s product development capabilities.

Transcript, by Jim Sydnor

The Met Lab helps Fike ensure the metallurgical reliability of our parts.

We run a variety of tests in the Met Lab. One of the most important things we do with that data is we determine whether or not a part of ours meets NACE requirements. NACE is the National Association of Corrosion Engineers and they have a set of requirements for various environments.

The ones we deal with are mainly high H2S environments, and we need to make sure our parts are not too hard. The harder they are, the more brittle they are, and the more susceptible to cracking they would be in those environments.

Fike is a safety company. We make safety equipment. Everything the Met Lab does contributes to the quality and reliability of the product we make.