Adam Batz

Adam Batz

Manager, Strategic Sales & Initiatives

Adam is the Strategic Sales and Initiatives Manager for Fike Corporation.

“I manage Strategic Partnerships across product lines.  By looking at new ways for Fike to approach the industry, I find new customers and opportunities. Sales is the outward touch to the industry. All of the hard work that engineering, operations, marketing, and administration does is in our hands to present to the customer. It’s a great responsibility.”

Outside of his role as Strategic Sales and Initiatives Manager, Adam sits on the Board of Directors at Fike and as a family member brings his experience to help shape the future vision of the company.

Adam’s Education and Special Training

Adam Batz graduated from the University of Missouri, Columbia with a degree in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering.  He spent his early career at Fike Corporation in New Product Development and Marketing before leaving in 2001.  After a long stint in Investment Banking focusing on Media and Telephony, Adam returned to Fike in 2017 where he is currently the Manager for Strategic Accounts and Initiatives.

Adam is an amateur juggler and dislikes mimes…it’s a whole thing.  Don’t ask.

What Adam’s team says about working with him:

“There is no one who speaks better about how great Adam is, than Adam. Watch him here.”