Dustin Freund

Dustin Freund

Content Marketing Manager

Dustin is the Content Marketing Manager in the Digital Marketing and Sales Enablement group.

“My role is to effectively promote the great people, products and processes at Fike, at how they all equate to keeping people around the world safe. Without the marketing department, the world won’t know or understand the importance of Fike’s products, how they work, and why they are the best in the safety protection industry.

Our team is one of the newest to Fike, having launched in late 2017. Because we’re so new, beyond investing significant time meeting with experts across the organization, we are small and have to really work hard to show that we can deliver to the level Fike deserves.”

What coworkers say about Dustin:

“Dustin is an excellent member to have on a project. He does a great job at listening to how our solutions and services solve customer needs and turn it into something easily digestible by a large audience.”