Advanced Detection Using Video Analytics and Integration with Other Technologies

Advanced Detection Using Video Analytics and Integration with Other Technologies

The Fire Suppression Systems Association (FSSA) will be hosting its next webinar on new technology that will lend a major hand to the future of special hazards detection.

It will not only inform you of the advances, but it will also show you ways of integrating them in your challenging applications. The webinar, Advanced Detection Using Video Analytics and Integration with Other Technologies, will be presented by Rick Jeffress of Fike Corporation.

Advanced Detection Using Video Analytics and Integration with Other Technologies
Thursday, November 21, 2019
12:00 p.m. – 1:00 p.m. EDT

Significant progress in computer processing, video imaging devices, and video analytics provide a prolific context for new methods of flame, smoke, and atmospheric oil mist detection. Video analytics for fire detection identify flame, smoke, oil mist, reflected flame, and motion events based on patterns of movement through video analysis of monitored environments. Detection methods may be of the listed/approved type or supplemental using server-based analytics to monitor off the shelf IP cameras. New IR3 and UV/IR flame detectors include embedded IP cameras, allowing server-based analytics to also monitor for oil mist, reflected flame, smoke, and motion virtually with a single device. The reflected flame algorithm supplements radiant energy detectors that require line of sight to flame. Live/recorded video is also available from environments that would normally require a specially rated camera or housing.

This presentation will provide information on:

  • Video analytic detection technology overview
  • Avoiding false alarms & early detection
  • Integration of video analytics with IP cameras
  • Examples of video analytics applications
  • Guidance for layout and design and integration scenarios

FSSA webinars are open to members and non-members. We encourage you to share this registration link & information with industry friends and colleagues.

Webinar is sponsored by BFPE International

Presented By: Rick Jeffress, Fike Corporation

Rick Jeffress resides in Houston, Texas, and has over 26 years of fire protection experience in technical services, sales, and business development. He is currently the Director of Business Development at Fike Corporation for Fike Video Analytics products. Rick has held positions as International Construction and General Manager Special Hazards/Marine, Marine/Offshore at Tyco Fire and Security, and Sales Manager, Industrial and Marine/Offshore Fire Protection, Total Safety US. Rick holds NICET Level III in Fire Alarm and Special Hazards Suppression Systems, NFPA Certified Fire Protection Specialist with secondary education at University of Maryland and Risk Management at The Institutes. Rick is currently on the ISO/TC 21/SC 3/ WG 24 committee, “Installation Standard for Video Image Detection.”

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