ORR MCFP Regional Conference

ORR MCFP Regional Conference

This year’s keynote from Lee Kaiser will provide you with the knowledge to Minimize Fire Risk and Maximize Recovery in your mission-critical facility. You will learn about:

  • Defining “Mission Critical”, and understanding if your facility is MC
  • The impact of fires on businesses with some case studies to review
  • Where special hazards fire protection and mission-critical applications align
  • Some common “Mission Critical” building types
  • Understanding detection and systems for special hazards
  • Best practices for data centers and pharmaceutical warehouses
  • Advice on early response to fires and various types of systems you can use
  • Contrasting risk and recovery using sprinkler, carbon dioxide, clean agent, and water mist systems
  • Managing existing installations and preparing for upgrades of older products
  • Predictions on future needs of “Mission Critical” facilities and their fire protection

Partners: ORR Protection

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Long Beach, California

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