Professional Firefighters Choose Fike

In the spring of 2005, the Central Jackson County Fire Protection District (CJCFPD) updated the dispatching system at its Adams Dairy Parkway location in Blue Springs, Missouri. The updates included creating a state-of-the-art 911 call center complete with a sophisticated computer, CAD network and emergency response equipment. Mindful of the necessity to protect the high-value, new equipment and its important service to the community, CJCFPD called on long-term partner, Fike Corporation, and their local distributor, Keller Fire & Safety.

Well aware of the risk of fire and the damage caused by basic water-based fire protection systems, Keller recommended that CJCFPD select Fike’s ECARO-25™, the best and most cost-effective  clean agent fire protection system available.

Some of the factors that made the ECARO-25 system the ideal choice for this application are that it is safe for people, electronic equipment and the environment. Jeff Moore, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Fike said, “Our ECARO-25 system perfectly fulfilled the fire protection needs of this project. ECARO-25 is superior to water-based fire protection systems in that it extinguishes a fire faster than water, requires no clean up and causes no damage to assets. It’s the perfect solution for high-tech applications such as this one.”

Installation of the system was completed in three days, during which there was no interruption of operations or service to the community. Steven Westermann, CJCFPD Chief Fire Executive said, “I know that not many other communications centers in the area have this advanced level of fire protection, and our partnership with Fike has allowed us to stay on the cutting edge of our profession.”

Critical Project Success Factors:

  • CJCFPD was proactive in the protection of its investment understanding both the risk of fire and the damaging effects a water-based fire protection system could have on its valuable call center equipment.
  • Fike and Keller were able to satisfy the customer’s needs and install the ECARO-25 clean agent fire protection system quickly and efficiently, with no interruption of service.
  • CJCFPD was able to protect its state-of-the-art emergency dispatching equipment with the highest performing, most cost-effective clean agent fire protection system available.

To learn more about this project, or the ECARO-25 system, call Fike Corporation at 1-800-937-3453.