Explosion Protection Services

Assure the reliability and NFPA compliance of your explosion protection system with Fike’s dust testing, design, project management, installation and maintenance services.

Fire Protection Services

System design capabilities and dedicated installation services for Fike fire protection systems provide peace of mind, knowing your facility’s critical assets and occupants are protected by Fike.

Testing Capabilities

Explore how each of Fike’s solutions are tested under real-world conditions that result in maximum reliability to protect against downtime, equipment loss, and most importantly, injury.

Services et capacités de Fike

Fike est plus qu'une simple entreprise de fabrication de produits de sécurité industrielle. Découvrez les services complets de protection contre les explosions et les incendies de Fike et nos installations de test sur le campus qui prennent en charge le développement de produits et les services clients.