Jeff Mycroft, B.Sc.
Jeff Mycroft, Fike Canada Sales

Jeff Mycroft, B.Sc.


Jeff is the Regional Sales Manager for Ontario, Canada.

I am grateful for my experiences at Fike.  My role has changed many times over the 25+ years I have been here.  I am now the Regional Sales Manager for Ontario Canada, but I have had many job functions over those years (including everything from Production, to QA, and more).  In the Sales Manager role I help people and companies find solutions for their industrial safety hazards, as well as help them through complex compliance procedures and process issues. I have found that customers no longer just want a product, they want real working solutions from a company that will partner with them going forward.  In my role I also perform educational seminars to engineering companies, jurisdictional authorities and end users.  These seminars help inform them of the hazards surrounding them, the codes they need to comply with, and the solutions available to them.  This industry education is important as it arms the authorities with the knowledge to enforce the existing laws, allows engineers to have the information in order to design processes properly, and empowers the end user to make their facilities safe.  All of which result in our products being purchased and applied.

Sales is the force that brings customers to our door which drives production, but it is more important than just that.  We build knowledge in the field, push for positive change on multiple fronts, ask for, and help drive new technologies along with helping people and companies comply with the existing laws.

When was Fike Canada established?

Fike Canada was first opened in 1985, with a focus on ‘direct to the customer sales’ as a departure from the previous distributor model. Over the 25+ years I have worked here I have had various roles.  I started pushing a broom part-time when I was in my early teens, then worked in Shipping/Receiving, followed by Machining, QA, Purchasing, Shop floor scheduling, EP Service Coordinator, Inside Sales, Outside Sales and now Sales Management.  I have found knowing the company through all these roles really helps my ability to aid the customer.

Jeff’s Specialized Certifications:

I graduated from University with an Honours Degree in Biochemistry, and then went on to get a CCPE designation in pharmacology.  Once I entered into sales I received my CSP professional sales designation and have continued to add to my education throughout.  I have also received a lot of training through Fike over the years.  I draw off all of my education and experience every day in many ways to not only help Fike, but our customers and coworkers.

Working for Fike and being a part of this team is exceptionally rewarding.