John Lopez
John Lopez, Supervisor, Product Compliance

John Lopez

Product Compliance Supervisor

John is the Supervisor of Product Compliance for the Testing and Validation Engineering group.

“I supervise and operate two Mechanical Laboratories (Pressure Relief and Fire Test), within this department. These laboratories are where the performance and design of our products are tested and validated. Without these labs Fike has no standardized feedback on how well or how poorly our products perform. In addition, we support the many certifications activities that our customers look to, as guarantee that our products are build to the most reliable standards.

Without the ability to demonstrate, both physically and analytically, how well our products perform; everything we do would be purely anecdotal.  When so much is at stake, customers do not rely on stories. Customers rely on facts.  Engineering Testing and Validation delivers facts.”

What John’s coworkers say about him:

“John is a people whisperer. He picks up on underlying messages that customers and colleagues aren’t directly saying and that insight gives him the ability to know what needs to be done and how to get it done best.”