Jon Britt

Jon Britt

Engineering Director - Testing & Validation

Jon is the Engineering Director of the Test & Validation group.

“I provide technical and strategic leadership to the overall mission of the department.  The Test & Validation Engineering laboratories and test facilities provide timely, objective, high quality testing and analytical services for approved research and development activities, maintenance of existing product line certifications and upgrades, expansion into new applications, and commercial testing services.

Through a combination of research, theoretical analysis, and empirical methods, Test & Validation strives to develop a thorough understanding of the environments in which our products are applied, and their operational behaviors beyond the intended application limits.  Using this knowledge we will participate in the development of new products, improve our understanding of current products, participate in the development of product application guidelines, and provide conceptual guidance for future product developmental efforts.  We also participate in appropriate regulatory committees relevant to our corporate goals.”

Jon’s Special Certifications:

ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) Authorized Observer for the Fike Flow Laboratory.  Vital to maintaining the ASME certification of the Flow Laboratory as well as 49 rupture disc certifications.

What Jon’s team says about working with him:

“Jon is the perennial educator. He is so invested in his work and making sure that everything we do is done with purpose, he will show you the correct way all while educating you on the hows and whys. He is an absolutely phenomenal resource for all of us here at Fike.”