Zakariya Al-Shawish
Zak Al-Sawish

Zakariya Al-Shawish

Sr. Product Specialist - Explosion Protection

Zak is a Sr. Product Specialist for the Explosion Protection Product Management group.

“Demand for Explosion Protection products has never been higher, and we expect strong continued growth for years to come. My role is to support existing product lines and aid in the development of new products.

Product Management assures that there is a focused approached to product support and product development. We create the product line strategies and go to great lengths make sure resources are being allocated towards the most impactful work.”

Zak’s Education:

  • Bachelor’s of Business Administration from Pittsburg State University
  • Masters of Business Administration from Rockhurst University
  • Product Management Certification – Northwestern University

What his coworkers say about working with him:

“Zak is great to work with, you’re sure to have several laughs and be delighted how efficient and effective he is.”