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What is a rupture disc

A Rupture or Bursting disc is a pressure differential membrane that  breaks to relieve pressure at a predetermined pressure and corresponding temperature. It is non-reclosing and is replaced upon rupture. It is very accurate and very reliable. It does not require any external mechanical actuation device to operate, only a rise in pressure to its rated set point. It is often likened to a fuse in an electrical system. The safety device of last resort that works when all other mechanical devices have failed.

I've never specified a rupture disc before and don't know where to start. What questions do I need to answer to begin?

We advise everyone start with the Rupture Disc Questionnaire. The basis for selecting a rupture disc begins with an over pressurization hazard being generally determined by a process engineer. Details on the process will be needed to properly select a product that works reliably, so often engineers or technicians familiar with the operations specify them. In other cases, it may be necessary to provide a pressure relief device “just in case” on a pressurized piece of equipment.

How do I know which type of disc to use?

Contact Fike. There are many disc types and not all are suited to all process applications. Some basic applications can use older technology whilst other disc types will be longer lasting and able to handle the arduous duty of pressure cycling and a very high operating ratio allowing plant operators to be even more efficient. Fike can help you select the most suitable product.

I need sizing for my rupture disc, can Fike do my sizing?

Yes, Fike can do your disc sizing based on KD method. See TB8102.

Will you specify a material for the rupture disc for my application?

Due to the varying degree of process media composition, temperature and resulting material compatibility, Fike is unable to provide final recommendations for the materials of construction for your specific application.

I am familiar in using forward acting scored RDs, now for a plant extension I have received a proposal for a reverse acting scored. Is this acceptable?

The use of Reverse Acting type RDs may offer specific user advantages especially when looking at severe pressure cycling during operation and low burst pressure settings. The determination of the most suitable RD type for your application is essential to ensure best service expectations. Contact Fike in case where any such questions arise.

What is zero manufacturing range?

Advanced technology now allows manufactures such as Fike to produce rupture discs with a Zero manufacturing range. For accuracy and simplicity, Zero manufacturing range is recommended. With Zero manufacturing range, if you order a 100 psig rupture disc, the tag plate and paperwork all state 100 psig.

I need to reorder a rupture disc and don't have a box, what information do you need?

The tag plate contains a specific lot# and can be provided to Fike for a duplication of the specifications. Please provide this upon request for quote.

How do I find the installation instructions for my rupture disc?

Instructions are included with each shipment. If they are not found, please contact Fike with the lot# off the tag plate to obtain a PDF copy emailed to you. Alternatively, you can review the product page of your rupture disc.

Can I use an existing holder for a different disc with a new Fike disc?

Fike rupture discs must use Fike disc holders. Some of our different rupture discs are compatible with the same disc holder. All holder information requirements can be found on the rupture disc product pages and often on the rupture disc holder page.

Can a rupture disc be reused?

Once the rupture disc is damaged or burst, it cannot be re-used. More information on this topic of replacement period can be found in the service life article.

Can I use any rupture disc in my current holder?

No. Each rupture disc model is explicitly intended to perform as expected in a bespoke holder design of the same manufacturer. Some rupture discs “may fit” into a like holder of another manufacturer, but proper performance cannot be assured. Consult the manufacturer if there is any doubt on the proper holder for your rupture disc make and model.

How do you know the burst pressure of the rupture disc?

Each rupture disc is produced in a “lot.” Each lot of rupture discs has samples destructively burst tested to directly measure the burst pressure. This sample plan is based on the standards/codes as a minimum criteria.

I have heard a rupture disc can be installed with a relief valve, will any rupture disc work under these conditions?

There are many advantages gained by isolating a relief valve with a rupture disc, such as eliminating leakage, allowing a higher operating pressure etc. however the disc type must be selected so that it does not fragment etc. Please review Best Practices for RDs and PRVs (TB8105) for a list of the typical considerations prior to making a purchase decision.

Why would I use a rupture disc and not a safety relief valve?

A Safety Relief Valve or Pressure Relief Valve opens and closes to relieve pressure at a set point however it is mechanical and can fail to operate if it is damaged, plugged with product, corroded or poorly maintained. A Rupture Disc is non reclosing but much more accurate and allows for the working pressure to be very close to the relieving pressure without any leakage, it also acts as a barrier to prevent corrosive product damaging the valve, it is much less expensive especially in exotic, corrosion resistant materials than a valve. For this reason, it is common and good practice to use a Rupture Disc in combination with a Safety Relief Valve to get the best features of both.

Why do some discs work upside down?

There are two basic types of Rupture disc; Forward Acting, where the pressure is on the concave side of the disc, and Reverse Buckling, where the pressure is on the convex. Forward acting discs can be either solid metal or a composite of metal with a plastic seal but they all work by stretching beyond their yield strength and then bursting. This does mean that they can suffer from fatigue if the operating pressure is too close to the set pressure. Reverse Buckling discs are solid metal and the dome of the disc faces the process, the shape of the disc structure is what creates their strength and typically they are able to withstand pressure cycles, vacuum and a high operating ratio without fatigue.

What is an operating ratio?

This is the ratio between the maximum operating pressure and the set pressure at which the disc will burst. Modern discs like Fike RD520 AXIUS®, RD500 ATLAS® Reverse Buckling discs can operate at up to 95% of the set pressure without damaging the disc. Where EN-ISO-4126-2 requirements apply, the ratio between the maximum operating pressure and the minimum specified burst pressure is used.

How do I know if my dust is combustible?

We are here to help you through a simple process that will evaluate your facilities types of dusts, their potential combustibility, and products that you can use to mitigate risks associated with the combustion potential. Reach out to a Fike representative to schedule a visit from an expert to start the process. And explore our educational materials, such as this Explosion Solution Selection Guide, and the Testing Table in the meantime.

The dust collector came new from a reputable dust collector OEM with an explosion vent, is that sufficient to satisfy NFPA?

Maybe. The dust collector vent may have been sized for a given set of combustible dust conditions, that must be reviewed to be true as part of your ongoing responsibilities to satisfy the local regulations such as indicated in NFPA.  As well, the dust collector may require flameless venting if it has been placed indoors, or a vent discharge duct. Additionally, the inlet line and return airlines need to be isolated. A full review needs to occur to ensure the hazard conditions are satisfied.

The explosion system purchased from Fike will not be installed in the same country where it is purchased, is this okay?

Explosion protection regulations change from country to country relative to NFPA, ATEX, pressurized equipment requirements, electrical wiring/component requirements, even the equations used by the standards to determine the sizing and selection of hardware.  Furthermore, explosion protection equipment needs to be maintained by factory trained technicians, and consideration should be made under the consultation of the manufacturer that all these items can be satisfied prior to making a purchase decision.

Do Fike explosion solutions work with fire protection?

It is possible to have both types of systems on a vessel. Your Fike contact will help you through these systems.

I have an outdoor requirement; do you offer a solution that will work?

Yes, all Fike explosion protection hardware can be installed both indoors and outdoors. And in the cases of some venting, a weather cover may be used.

How do I get my container refilled?

Contact your distributor, they’ll arrange for a refill and it’s usually a couple days turn around. If there is an issue or you have immediate concerns that need additional support, contact your regional sales manager.

Where can I find distributor training schedules?

We include a list of scheduled events on our Events and Training page. Please be aware that the schedule may change, check back often to see the most up-to-date events.

How can I find a distributor near me?

Fike Corporation is dedicated to supporting your customer experience throughout the entire process. Please contact us directly for assistance identifying a distributor who can support your needs

Where did Find an Expert go?

In an effort to streamline customer support, your Fike representative will now help you directly identify the expert near you to assist. Contact us today to get the process started.

How do I find a part number?

If your item comes with a data sheet, you can find the part number on it. If you have any issues finding the sheet or your part number, please contact your Fike representative for assistance.

Where do I find the manual?

For all products, Fike authorized distributors can access our product manuals through the myFike. For detection/control products, anyone with access can scan the QR code within the panel’s door to access these documents.

How do I get my container refilled?

Contact your distributor, they’ll arrange for a refill and it’s usually a couple days turn around. If there is an issue or you have immediate concerns that need additional support, contact your regional sales manager.

How do I obtain a password for my panel?

Please complete the password indemnification form (on the myFike), or you may reach out to your distributor.

I have an issue with my Fike authorized distributor. What are my options?

Report your concerns to your regional sales manager.

Can I check the status of my order?

Reps and distributors are able to access your order status using your PO or sales order number.

How long is my quote valid for?

Quotes are valid for 30 days. We may be able to revive your quote if you need assistance past those 30 days.

What are your operating hours when I can speak to a live representative?

Standard Hours 8:00AM-4:30PM (0800-1630), Monday through Friday central time zone (USA/Chicago). Emergency alert support is available 24/7 at 1-800-YES-FIKE. Please note that emergency services may include an additional fee.

What countries do you service?

We offer our products and solutions globally. If you know that your installation will happen outside of the country you’re ordering from, you’ll need to consult with Fike for an evaluation.

I have an issue with my Fike authorized distributor. What are my options?

We’re committed to helping you have the best Fike experience possible. Please reach out directly to your regional sales manager for support. If you are having trouble finding them, please use the contact form and get support now.

How is my information submitted through your website forms used?

Please see our Global Privacy Policy for details on how your information is used. You may find all of our legal notices, including terms of service, terms of sale, conflict minerals policy and many more by visiting our Legal Notices page. If you are unable to find the resources you are looking for, please contact for additional assistance.


How/where to access the Customer Portal (Support)?

The Customer Portal has been renamed Login. You may visit or click the link “LOGIN” in the upper right corner of the screen anywhere on

How do I gain access?

Fike authorized distributors are given login credentials following approval.

What is MyFike?

Fike Training is the online training platform for Fike distributors and partners. You can access it by clicking on or visiting and accessing the login request.

Where do I go for on demand training?

On demand training for distributors and partners is available for registered individuals on General training and educational resources are available to anyone in the Knowledge Center.

How do I receive training?

Visit our Events and Training page to learn more about our training opportunities and requirements.

How do I find information relevant to my country?

We have a number of offices and representatives across the globe. You may find our international websites helpful. These sites are all translated to the local language and have contact information to representatives nearby. Use the links below, or click on the drop down titled Global Sites in the menu above.

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How do I find international job opportunities?

We frequently have opportunities available globally. Contact your local office to speak to a representative who can assist you. You can find a map with contact information on the About Us page.

Do you have a list of internationally offered products?

We offer a wide variety of products globally. Our team will consult with you to discuss your requirements and what solutions best fit your needs while complying with local jurisdictions.


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