Types of Rupture Discs

Our rupture discs are designed to meet your facility’s pressure protection needs. Below is a comparison chart of the many discs we have to offer. And if you don’t find the disc that meets your needs, connect with a Fike representative to start the conversation on custom engineered solutions for your facility.


Disc Type/ DiscDisc DetailsSize RangeBurst PressureOperating RatioNon-FragmentingVacuum ResistantPulsating/
Process MediaHolders
smaxiusscAXIUS® SC*
Advanced Design/G2 Technology Superior Cycling Performance Smooth, Reverse Acting
1-4 in. DN25-10010-275 PSIG 0.69-18.96 BARG95%YesYesBestLiquid/ Vapor/Gasferrules naconnect
Excellent Liquid Performance Scored, Reverse Acting
1 1/2-4 in. DN40-10012-140 PSIG 0.83-9.66 BARG90%YesYesGoodLiquid/ Vapor/Gasferrulesnaconnect
Higher Pressure Applications Cross Scored, Forward Acting
1 1/2-2 in. DN40-50300-1500 PSIG 20.68-103.42 BARG90%YesYesGoodLiquid/ Vapor/Gasferrules naconnect
Superior Opening Bi-Directional
3-8 in. DN80-2001″WC-150 PSIG 0.002-10.34 BARG80%YesNoNR*Vapor/Gasinsert ferrules
Reverse Acting
Advanced Design/G2 Technology Smooth Cycling Performance Long Service Life/Efficient
1-12 in. DN25-3007-600 PSIG 0.48-41.37 BARG95%YesYesBestLiquid Vapor/Gasinsert smpretorq
Advanced Design/G2 Technology Smooth Cycling Performance Long Service Life/Efficient
1-4 in. DN25-10060-1375 PSIG 4.14-94.80 BARG95%YesYesBestLiquid Vapor/Gasinsert
Good in Liquid Applications Perimeter Scored
1-8 in. DN25-20010-320 PSIG 0.69-22.06 BARG90%YesYesGoodLiquid Vapor/Gasinsert smpretorq
Long Service Life Reliable
1-24 in. DN25-60027-720 PSIG 1.9-49.7 BARG90%YesYesGoodVapor/Gasinsert smpretorq
Forward Acting Scored
Ideal for Polymerization Processes
1/2-24 in. DN15-60015-3000 PSIG 1.03-206.84 BARG90%YesYesGoodLiquid Vapor/Gasinsert smpretorq
High Pressure Applications, Protection of PRV/SRV’s
1/2-24 in. DN15-60020-6000 PSIG 1.38-413.69 BARG90%YesYesGoodLiquid Vapor/Gasinsert smscrtyp smutyp
Forward Acting Composite
smhoHO Series
Wide Range of Sizes/Burst Pressures, Wide Range of Applications
1-24 in. DN25-6001.5-6000 PSIG 0.10-413.69 BARG80%NoYesGoodLiquid Vapor/Gasinsert smutyp
smadAD Series
Protection of Atmospheric Vessels AD-H for Sanitary Applications
1.5-24 in. DN40-6001-15 PSIG 0.07-1.03 BARG50%NoYesNR*Liquid Vapor/Gasferrules
 smpseriesP Series
Wide Range of Sizes/Burst Pressures, Economical
1/2-24 in. DN15-6001.5-11000 PSIG 0.10-758.42 BARG70%NoYesBetterLiquid Vapor/Gas insert smscrtyp smutyp
Special Applications
smerdExtruder RD
Protection for extrusion processes in a variety of sizes and burst pressures
0.1875-5 in. DN4.5-1271500-50,000 PSIG 103.4- >3448 BARG90%GoodLiquid Vapor/Gas
smgdGD Series
Graphite construction that is inert to most chemicals
0.5-24 in. DN15-6000.25-1000 PSIG 0.02- >68.95 BARG90%GoodLiquid Vapor/Gas

* Good for Pressure/Safety Relief Valve Protection Applications NR* – Not Recommended

NR*:  Not Recommended

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