Ecaro-25® Enables Quick & Easy Replacement

Protecting Vital Operational Facilities with Clean Agent Suppression

In June 2003, a Louisiana-based paint additive manufacturer experienced a Halon 1301 system discharge in their Rack Room that is vital to the day-to-day operations of the company. Seeking a

Fike ECARO-25® Clean Agent Fire Suppression

Halon refill, the company called Fike’s distributor, C & S Safety Systems, in New Iberia, LA who in turn presented ECARO-25®. After learning the many advantages of ECARO-25, this customer agreed to install this new and exciting product as long as the installation time would be equal to that of recharging the system with Halon 1301, and that the piping could remain as is.

Fire Protection Services to Optimize Reliability of Solutions

C & S Safety Systems and Fike worked quickly to complete the flow calculations and design work, which confirmed ECARO-25 would be the perfect solution, only requiring a new cylinder and nozzles. Fike Corporation expedited the delivery of the new hardware to the job site with a one-day turn-Ecaro-25 clean agent fire suppressing systemaround, and the fire protection system was brought back on-line within a total of three days.

The Key Success Factors of This Project Were:

  • The quick, easy, no-fuss installation of this “drop-in” Halon replacement system.
  • No business interruption to the company’s daily business operation.
  • With a tight deadline for completing this project, Fike and C & S Safety Systems were able to satisfy the customer’s needs and install the system in only three days.

Fike’s ECARO-25 makes it possible to leave the existing piping in place and exchange the cylinders and the discharge nozzles only. These major advantages of ECARO-25 make the Halon retrofit as easy as possible, even for equipment that is running 24-hours a day/ 365 days/year.

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