Ecaro-25 Retrofit for Fortune 500

A U.S.-based division of a world-leading cosmetic manufacturer employs high-value data center technology to maintain their day-to-day operations. Protecting this high-value asset equipment from fire is essential and had been accomplished with a Halon fire extinguishing system. However, it is now known that Halon is damaging the ozone and adding to the global warming problem. In response, the European Community issued regulation 2037/2000, making the removal of Halon mandatory by 2003. The European-based corporate headquarters made the decision to replace the Halon systems in all of their facilities, including those in the United States.

Fike, together with a long-time distributor in Cleveland, Ohio, Continental Fire & Security, successfully retrofitted the data control room Halon system with the easiest and most cost-effective “drop-in” Halon replacement, ECARO-25®, utilizing DuPont™ FE-25™ fire extinguishing agent.

Fike’s ECARO-25 makes it possible to leave the existing piping in place and exchange the cylinders and the discharge nozzles only. These major advantages of ECARO-25 make a Halon retrofit as easy as possible, even for equipment that is running 24-hours a day/365 days a year.

Fike Corporation and Continental Fire & Security also placed a second ECARO-25 system in another facility of this Fortune 500 company, protecting a telephone equipment room previously protected with Halon.

The Key Success Factors of this Project Were:

  • The minimal amount of business interruption/downtime for this 365-day/year active data center!
  • With corporate executives flying in soon, they needed the entire system changed out very quickly. Fike and
    Continental Fire & Security were able to beat the deadline, with time to spare!
  • Cost savings with ECARO-25 compared to other Halon replacement systems.

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